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A good manager can do wonders for an organization, but the scope of what they can accomplish only goes so far. You can’t put a dollar value on a good team. To help scale, you’ll need systems that help your company run.

That team has to be able to operate efficiently without the leader’s constant supervision. Their ability to self-manage and be productive is how successful companies are built.

This performance checklist will help you gauge where your team development currently is and highlight opportunities to improve.

Building a High Performance Culture.

Want to know what builds a great team? High performance principles implemented.

This creates a team that loves to come to work every morning, a team that is charged with energy. It’s one of the key strategies to optimize output and performance.

It creates a team that encourages other team members to accomplish goals while continuing to build your organization.

This team feels a great sense of belonging and believes your company has their back in every situation. It biggest impact on sustainable growth within companies.

Unfortunately, too many companies continue to rely on rigid, archaic management models. “77% of organizations report they are currently experiencing a high-performance leadership gap.” – Gallup

The Effect

Company culture is not just about providing perks like ping pong tables and team happy hours.

While perks can certainly help create a high-performance culture, they do not alone represent company culture.

Simply put, company culture is the set of behaviors that determine how things get done at your company. It is both how and why things get done.

When you build a team of high performers, they can impact all corners of your organization. Increased engagement, productivity, and retention are all outcomes of a high-performance culture.

Job turnover at organizations with strong cultures is 14%, compared with 48% in companies with poor cultures according to Entrepreneur Magazine.
“When you build a team of high performers, they can impact all corners of your organization. Increased engagement, productivity and retention are all outcomes of a high-performance culture”

High-Performance Culture

A high-performance focused team leads an organization to achieve optimized results.

It’s a company that achieves better financial and non-financial results (such as customer satisfaction, employee retention, etc.) over a long period of time.

So, now that you know what a high-performance is: How do you achieve a high-performance culture in your organization?

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