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Reduce Employee Stress and Underperformance
Through Optimized High Performance

High performance allows an individual to move at a faster pace in life, have more energy, and ultimately operate in a peak state that optimizes performance.

When an individual employee understands and practices a high-performance lifestyle, it positively impacts your company’s bottom line. They become self-starters that are invested in the growth of your company.

One of the best ways to create growth in your organization is to help each individual employee understand how to create better habits and implement high-performance principles.

High performance can be integrated into every system and department. This leads to better employee experience and more growth for your organization. That’s what we do.

Our founder, Akash Karia, has been sought out for his expertise by clients such as Ernst & Young, KHDA (The Government of Dubai), Sony Pictures Entertainment, AT&T and many more.

We are a global high-performance consulting agency. With over 10 years of experience, we can improve every aspect of your organization.


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The HPX Vision

HPX was founded out of a bold vision: to create a world where employees were seen not as “human capital”, but as people; to create a world in which organizations supported the mental, physical and emotional growth of their people – and in turn, the employees gave their best to their companies.

Imagine if every person in your organization was fully-engaged and energized.

Unfortunately, the reality is quite different.

Gallup estimates 17.2% of the U.S. workforce is actively disengaged which costs an organization approximately $3,400 for every $10,000 of salary (or 34%).”

Our Founder's Story

HPX started out of frustration. While working as an executive, I was burned out, stressed out and checked out of my work. I had lost passion for the job I was doing. While I was not actively disengaged, I wasn’t giving it my best either. I hid behind emails instead of taking the initiative to pursue more ambitious projects.

Every Sunday I would groan at the start of the working week; by Wednesday, my consolation prize was that we were past the halfway mark; and Friday’s were simply a hurdle to get to the weekend.

To top it off, I was at the worst I’d ever been physically. A diet of skipping breakfast, gorging on candy to kill the mid-morning hunger, and takeaway pizzas at night had begun to catch up on me. A sedentary lifestyle that consisted of sitting at my desk for hours on end and no exercise during the week wasn’t helping either.

It wasn’t just my physical health that was suffering. So was my mental and emotional health. I was constantly tired, stressed out and lacked energy to be a self-starter at work. Turns out, it isn’t just me. The surveys we’ve conducted at HPX with companies reveal that for a typical company:

• 40 – 70% of employees say they lead an inactive lifestyle
• 50 – 65% report not getting enough sleep
• Up to 70% say they find themselves constantly tired and lacking energy at work

After many months of being sick and tired, I decided to make a change. I began implementing new physical, mental and emotional habits into my life.

Over time, my productivity also began to improve. My passion for work was suddenly revived. And I was less stressed, even though the stressors themselves hadn’t changed.

When I eventually left my job as an executive, I started HPX as a way to empower people with the same tools I'd learned. Since then, I've worked with companies like Ernst & Young, ATT, Gucci, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Wrigley's and many more.

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