Want more productive employees? Then don't neglect this

Want more productive employees? Then don’t neglect their physical wellbeing.

Through my work at HPX, I get to speak and consult with a lot of companies on the topic of wellbeing and vitality at work.

Every organization I work with wants it’s employees to be more productive, to make better decisions, to be self-starters and ambassadors of quality.

When an organization hires HPX to work with its employees to increase energy, engagement, and resilience, one of the first things we typically do is conduct as an assessment of the current habits of the employees.

One of the habits that we focus on is on the physical wellbeing of the individual. This includes:

  • How much sleep are they getting?
  • Do they exercise regularly?
  • Do they lead an active or sedentary lifestyle?
  • What foods do they rely on to fuel themselves?

The sort of results we see are shocking! 

Typically, these are the ranges we see:

  • 40 – 70% of employees report being physically inactive
  • 50 – 65% report getting only 6 hours or less of sleep
  • Up to 70% say they lack energy at work

How do you think that impacts your organization if 70% of your organization says that they are constantly tired and lacking energy at work?

Akash Karia

If you want more productive employees, take care of their physical wellbeing. Create a culture in which employees understand that they don’t need to sacrifice sleep for work; that being physically active is critical to sustainable performance.

If you’re a manager, model that behavior for your team. Bring in experts to work with your team on their physical, mental, and emotional habits so that they can perform at their peak.

Akash Karia
Founder, HPX Institute