How to Create a High-Performance Plan for Your Organization

High-performance plans are a vital part of corporate benefits these days. Yet, not all plans are created equal. The benefits of a high-performance strategy can’t be measured.

They make a greater impact when the plan is designed with a strategic vision in mind. Here are some ways to create a high-performance plan that works.

1. Executive Support

Leaders of companies should view high performance as an essential contribution to a productive and effective working environment. You don’t want leaders that just want to check a box.

You want to create a culture in which employees take steps to improve their physical and mental health. You want to offer the full support of their colleagues, bosses, and company, as a whole.

To do that, your leadership team must communicate this through their actions. They make budgetary decisions that protect the effectiveness and integrity of their strategies. More importantly, they should take part in them. They literally walk the talk.

2. Offer Tools That Create Effectiveness

Even the most motivated people could use a little help from time to time. High-performance provides that help at various stages of an employee’s growth cycle.

The first step is to provide in-house screening events where employees can check their wellness levels. Once employees have that data, they are eligible to meet with a consultant who can provide practical advice and a personalized plan.

For those employees who are not yet ready for one-on-one support, there are seminars and digital coaching options available to provide advice.

High-performance plans also provide a range of tools for ongoing support and day-today feedback, including online integration with the most popular apps and devices.

The most effective plans understand that high-performance growth can be social. High-performance incorporates these social nudges to help people stick to their plan.

3. Offer an Incentive

High-performance plans are driven by human motivation and engagement. When employees see their colleagues participating and reaping results, they’ll get motivated to take part.

How to get that participant base? Research shows that plans that provide incentives for participation reach higher participation rates.

The most effective plans have a monetary component. Some plans give participants a gift card or make a contribution for reaching a goal.

Other plans give the incentive first, but with the stipulation that it will be taken away if participants don’t fulfill certain requirements within a given timeframe.

4. Make Your Plan Scalable

Companies change over time. They engage in mergers or acquisitions; they develop new products and services, and they expand their team.

High-performance plans should grow with them. They need to be able to scale as a company’s employee base increases and becomes more diverse.

As high performance becomes a more major addition to corporate benefits, your strategic plan becomes more important.

Companies can differentiate their plans and engage their employees by paying attention to small details that make a large difference.

Make sure you push the limits to lead the way in driving growth in your strategic planning by adding these high-performance elements.