Increase Employee Performance,
Optimize Your Culture and Grow Your Company

Shifting the culture of any organization takes time, effort, and commitment. It begins with clear, visible changes in behavior, especially by the leaders of that organization.

It takes a strategic vision that understands the power and important of optimizing each employee.

The stats tell a story:

• Improved productivity (an 8 percent increase in each employee’s productivity according to a 2005 National Business Group on Health report).

• Less work-related stress (up to 12 percent less likely to experience health issues from work-related stress according to a 2015 study by The Economist Intelligence Unit & Humana) 

• Increased employee morale and engagement in your companies mission and goals (up to 67 percent according to a 2015 study by The Economist Intelligence Unit & Humana) 

• Improved employee retention (45 percent of employees agree that an employer-sponsored wellness program would encourage them to stay in their current position reported in a Principal Financial Well-Being Index in 2013).

Creating a high performing organization isn’t just about technology, to-do lists or the
latest trend. It’s about clarity, goals, and a strategy to optimize performance.

“For every employee, companies are losing $1,400 per employee due to fatigue
according to a Sleep Matters Initiative at Brigham Health for the National Safety
Council (NSC).”

Unfortunately, too many companies continue to rely on rigid, archaic management models that don’t harness high performance principles. High-performance focused organizations create an experience for everyone involved. They engage employees, draw customers, motivate vendors, interest investors, and reassure lenders. Their energy and vitality inspire confidence in everyone they touch. That is what high performance training can do for you company.

“95 percent of HR leaders said in a survey that employee burnout is sabotaging workforce retention according to Kronos Incorporated and Future Workplace.”

Our agency can train your team on the key strategies and tactics of high performance and growth strategy.
We can help you define what you can do and how it will shape your business.

• Get targeted results. What makes high performance training so effective is how targeted it is. You can track, manage, and measure growth.

• It’s the future. Let’s face it, we live in an ever changing world. Everything we consume is either on our phones or computers and that affects our performance. Being able to stay efficient in the digital age is a skill that pays dividends.

• Changes can be made easily. Because it is easy to track, high performance gives you a ton of flexibility to accomplish your organization’s goals. You’re not stuck with old school tactics that are no longer be effective. You can change and adjust your strategy.

Our mission here at the HPX Institute is to give you clarity on what needs to get done and the accountability to make sure you do it. We can help you eliminate overwhelm, destroy employee self-sabotage, get laser focused, and get more done in your company in a few days than most organizations accomplish in a month.

What We Offer

We're Here to Make High Performance Possible


We sit down with you to understand where you are, where you want to be, and what capacity you have internally to get there. We look at your systems, available resources, and processes. We make assessments of your ability to hit your goals.


We can help you create systems that produce results. There are a myriad of solutions in the marketplace but we find the options that best matches your goals and objectives. Without the proper systems and processes in place, it is hard to achieve optimal performance.
Our team understands what systems fit best and offer you the most valuable options. We then design and implement the strategy to maximize performance. Our goal is to ensure that what we set up will not only work for you now, but also during your next phases of growth.​

We can help you:

Strategy Consulting

Comprehensive training on the latest and most efficient high performance training and tactics.

Our consulting services provide strategy, education, and an implementable plan. We teach you how to bring together people, growth, and systems.

Performance Assessments

A customized assessment that gives you a snapshot of your current growth level. It will provide instant data you can use to incorporate changes more efficiently. This custom assessment will point out areas of improvement and highlight blind spots.


To maximize performance, engaging in growth initiatives is fundamentally important. Research shows that organizations and entrepreneurs that unleash the potential of personal development innovate faster and see better results. We work with organizations to build your full potential.

Workshops and Executive Training

We offer workshops and training for your executive team on: 

• High-performance habits 
• Effective presentations and meetings 
• Persuasive storytelling
• Growth mindset
• Stress management
• Vitality and wellbeing

We can help you:

  • Enhance top performance via understanding and development of skills and
    techniques that increase performance and that builds teams.
  •  Work with you to create a culture of productivity and high performance.
  • Provide a framework to assess your current state to ensure you are set up for
  •  Support you in developing a strategic growth plan.
  •  Get clarity on what’s important and set your goals accordingly.
  •  Set priorities to support your goals and drive results.
  •  Support you in conducting weekly focus sessions to keep your team on target.

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