Success Stories

We hired Akash for an event on behalf of the "Energizing Committee" in our department at BMS. To put it simply, Akash was a hit! The crowd of medical communications professionals were pleasantly surprised by his upbeat, engaging, interactive and vibrant presentation that was rooted in research and evidence. It is testament to how well Akash did that he was invited back for more focused sessions with a smaller group. I would highly recommend him for corporate/motivational trainings and seminars!
Taha Khan
Bristol Myers Squibb
We hired Akash for our Asia-Pacific, European and North American conferences and he was a big hit! His session was exactly what we needed. I would highly recommend his programs - our team could not get enough.
Kevin Kelly
CEO & President, Stampede Global
Akash truly engaged our team and gave us ready-to-use tools and techniques
Marco Bizzari
CEO, Gucci
Akash led a session with my team and a large group of folks in our organisation, focused on Storytelling. It was close to the most engaging and entertaining workshop I've probably ever attended. Personally I've had at least half a dozen different versions of presentation training over the last decade or so, and this one gave me by far the best tools and energy to take back to my day to day. Dynamic, relevant and directly useful for our business.
Tim Harriss
Sony Pictures Entertainment
Akash has a way of engaging a room full of people and getting them to participate. Sales meetings can be rough, especially when they are several days long, but Akash came into ours 2 years in a row and refocused and re-energized us. He is an energetic storyteller, and I have adopted several of his suggestions with great success.
Mark Coxton
Akash is a phenomenal coach! The information I gained in just a few short hours is priceless. He is extremely inspirational. I owe a lot of my success and achievement to his mentorship. I highly recommend his services.
Fatema Dewji
This is my second time training with Akash. The improvement in my skills is amazing, I highly recommend him for training.
Laila Ali
KHDA, Government of Dubai
Akash is one of the best professional speakers and trainers in the world today!
Brian Tracy
I had the pleasure of two presentations so far with Akash - very engaging, fun and memorable. If you ever have the chance to see him - take it!
David Galos
Legrand AV
Akash is an incredible speaker and has a unique way of getting his message across in a powerful manner by using stories that are hyper-relevant to the audience.
Ryan Caliguri
The Resilience Prescription
Akash’s energy is infectious, drawing in the crowd effortlessly, with powerful examples that hit home!
Shaleena Mulchandani
Crown Worldwide
At the HR summit, Akash was invited by HRM Asia for a workshop . It was full of fun and enthusiasm. From the start till the end of his presentation the crowd were deeply engrossed. He is a crowd puller and an excellent story teller.
Payal Sabharwal
HRM Asia
His coaching leaves an impact. Akash makes you think on your feet by immediately getting you to use the techniques he introduces.
Swetal Sindhvad
Education Specialist
Provided attendees with insights on how to think outside the box and offer a customer focused experience in harmony with company goals. I can recommend Akash to any company looking to bring a new perspective...
Rod Sommerich, CTS
Highly recommend Akash if you are looking for someone inspire your team to not only think differently but also make an impact.
Eric Wong
Akash is passionate, compelling, and original. Very highly recommended as a keynote speaker...
Rob Lilwall
I had the chance to see Akash on stage in Singapore and he did an amazing job. Very engaging, sharing a lot of very practical insights and tips.
Cyriel Kortleven
Akash is by far THE best coach I have ever had.
Eric Laughton
I had the pleasure of taking two of Akash’s workshops at Bristol-Myers Squibb. His workshops were by far the best workshops I’ve ever attended. He is incredibly engaging, inspirational, and energizing! He grabs the audience and keeps them mesmerized— you just want to lean in and listen. More importantly, he makes his audience really feel like they can rise up and be more inspirational leaders themselves.
Lisa Elkin
Bristol Myers Squibb